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Your success is only as big as your desire to build community and foster relationships

Our team is an agent of prosperity

For a team to be successful, you have to ensure the growth of every member. Knowing this has made it easy to cultivate one of the strongest groups of agents in town. Our realtors can always count on the tools and insights they need to face any situation. Each is supported directly by a broker, and this simple but powerful system allows them to build the trust they need to exceed their client’s expectations. 
Join our team and discover what true success feels like when you have the freedom to run your business your way, while keeping 100% of the commissions you earn. 

We love Austin

In 2002, we opened shop in Austin and have been part of its incredible growth ever since. We are proud of this, because we don’t only add value to the city we love, but also to the people that live here. We work hard at nurturing our relationships because they mean more to us than just referrals. When we network, we know we are meeting a new neighbor, a golf partner — a friend. 
We love this city. And giving back to it has been sown into our company’s structure since day one. That’s why we’ve partnered with local organizations like RED Arena, Austin Humane Society, and K-Love Christian Radio.
Do you want to be a part of the team that’s making this city greater?

Agent Freedom™





It’s a common mistake that our business is about geographical locations and buildings. But, those of us who are serious about success in this industry know that it’s about one thing: people. People first. People always. Our agents are successful from the beginning, because they learn this from the start. This simple fact is what sets us apart and ensures an atmosphere of prosperity that benefits everyone involved.

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The Agent Freedom™ Experience

Anyone who has been in real estate long knows how different each transaction can be and navigating those waters with absolute certainty on your clients behalf is essential to your long term success. Know this, Todd takes your calls, he provides guidance as needed, and is eager to help you be the best, which is priceless.

Kelley TassoneREALTOR®

Todd might be the most knowledgeable Broker in Texas, and the fact that he's an attorney might have a little to do with that.

Talib JonesRealtor®

I'm an investor and wanted to work on my properties and grow my business and Resident Realty has allowed me to do just that and more. Todd Sherman is fabulous to work with; hands on when you need him and an endless source of information.

Ximena AndersonREALTOR®

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