The skills needed to be a successful real estate agent in Texas has changed drastically over the decades. What used to be a cold-calling, word-of-mouth dependent profession now relies on likes, follows and retweets. Becoming a master of real estate social media takes skill, but for those who can build a following, it’s worth the time and energy. As a real estate agent, you should focus your attention on the three most popular (and powerful) social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Using Facebook As A Realtor

Facebook is the outlet that lets you connect with real estate clients from every generation, on the buying and selling side of the transaction. You don’t have to be a technical guru or Photoshop expert. Start by building your business Facebook page, add attractive property photos, and share the content you or your broker use on your real estate blog. Building your Facebook page is free, but it is important to know how to create a Facebook ad.

Before you launch a Facebook ad, it’s important to set goals. Facebook provides choices like making people aware of your brand, increasing engagement, and converting lookers into buyers.

You’ll also want to know your audience. Be specific with your ad targeting to reach the most relevant audience. For example, you can choose an audience that is “likely to move,” which is created by Facebook’s algorithms.

Consistency and engagement are key factors to success as a real estate agent on Facebook. Answer questions, post daily and start conversations by asking questions.

Instagram Leaves A Good Impression

Nearly as popular as Facebook for real estate agents is the use of Instagram. Real estate Instagram use is a great way to market your business and the social media site’s dependency on good visuals means spotlighting properties is a great fit. Consistency and really good, relevant content win the Instagram battle.

Because Instagram is focused on visuals, the platform has a number of tools to edit photos, allowing you to create high-quality content.

Instagram photos and videos should be more than awesome properties (that, oh by the way, happen to be for sale). Use this platform to give a behind-the-scenes look of your agency, awesome parts of your city or a hobby that you love. With a good mix of professional and personal photos, you’ll build an engaged following.

Get To The Point With Twitter

Twitter is the social media tool that is fast paced and conversation driven. You’ll need to find the conversations that are relevant to your business to succeed with real estate on Twitter. The site uses a 280 character limit, so you have to get to the point.

Twitter posts do well with images or video. Because the site is based on live feeds, your tweets need to be eye-catching and well-crafted. Generate engagement by using relevant or trending hashtags. Find a way to incorporate them into your posts.

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