Success looks different to every real estate agent. Whether it’s increasing your income, getting your name in front of more clients, or finding ways to give back to your community, the end result may vary, but the path to success calls for the same qualities. Daily discipline, measurable goals, and a clear vision of how you arrive at your version of achievement must be present for sustainable success. Here are the five habits to incorporate in your routine to be a top-ranking Realtor.

Make Up Your Mind

If you can’t envision your success, you can’t achieve it. Do not entertain the possibility of failure. You have a unique opportunity to play a pivotal role in someone’s life as they take their first steps into a new home or rely on your expertise to move them out of one.  Although you may not always achieve your desired result, staying the course and identifying what actions produce the best success rate will strengthen you mentally.

Form A Game Plan

The most successful real estate agents – or any professional for that matter – have a specific plan to achieve success. Your plan will look different than that of a partnering Realtor, but success requires planning nonetheless. Great achievement does not happen by accident. Decide what it will take to get where you want to be – better marketing, specific classes, heavy networking – and take the steps necessary to get there.

Measure Your Success

In order to obtain your professional goals, they must be measurable. Otherwise, you can’t hold yourself accountable. If you want to increase revenue, set a dollar amount, define a timeframe, and check your numbers regularly to ensure you’re on the right path. To strengthen a marketing plan, define what that looks like. Will you measure your reach in fans and followers, or in website traffic and lead captures? Clearly define measurable goals and check in with yourself routinely to stay on track.

Enhance Client Communication

Strong communication will make closing your deals easier, increase your referral rate, and make your clients feel they are a top priority. Don’t mistake strong communication for frequent communication – make what you say matter. Set expectations with clients as to when and how you’ll communicate (and then actually do it), return phone calls within 24 hours, and never forget the power of a hand-written note. Your strategic communication will leave a lasting impression on buyers and sellers.

Delve In Digitally

Connect with potential clients with an easy-to-use, informative website and engaging social media content. With nearly 98 percent of house hunters using the internet during their search, how you present yourself digitally affects your real estate success. Add relevant content to your site and measure your analytics to determine what works best. Promote positive testimonials and reviews to encourage leads to partner with you for their real estate needs.

Whether you’ve worked in real estate for decades or you just launched your career as a Realtor, these tips will help you find and keep lasting success with an established Austin, TX real estate team.