As a seller’s real estate agent, your clients trust you to get as much money in as little time as possible while avoiding any major headaches along the way. As one of the top realty teams in Austin, TX, Resident Realty understands that a Realtor’s obligation is to walk the seller through the process, do the heavy lifting, and make it look easy along the way. Most sellers you work with will know very little about the home selling process. Developing a smart sales process will not only please your client, but you’ll also build a reputation for great work, leading to more referrals. As you work with a home seller, there are pieces of advice you should share that will make their home more appealing, and help get it off the market faster.

Right Price

Be direct with your seller. Let them know where you stand with a reasonable asking price for the home. Use a comparative market analysis from the neighborhood to back your figure. Pricing a home properly is the most important thing you can do as a realtor to get a property sold quickly and at a fair price.

Explain Your Marketing

Sellers want to know that their home is in front of potential buyers. Communicate with your client to put their worries at ease and let them know the popular home websites where you’ve listed the house, show them direct mail flyers you’ve sent to the surrounding neighborhoods, and invite them to connect with you on social media, where you’ve featured their property listing. When the seller can see that you’re putting money and effort into selling their home, they’ll be less likely to make daily calls just to “check in” on any offers.

How You’ll Communicate

When you take on a client, explain to them how you communicate with sellers. If email is best for you, make that known. Be honest with how often you will call and how long it will take you to return a missed phone call. Setting that expectation up front lets the seller know how the process will work and what to expect from you.

Stage Your Home (or at least clean it)

Clients have pets, kids, dirty jobs, or just untidy habits. Let them know ahead of time when the home will be shown and set an expectation for the home to be clean. In some cases, that conversation may include removing photos, décor or clutter. Explain that de-personalizing the home allows a potential buyer to envision their own belongings and furniture in the house – making it more appealing to house hunters.

Make Viewing Easy

If buyers can’t see the house, they won’t make an offer. If your client lives in the property for sale, encourage them to make it as easy as possible for other agents to be able to show the home. Limiting hours, refusing to leave while potential buyers visit the home, or questioning the buyer’s seriousness in the purchase can quickly cause agents to overlook your listing knowing how difficult the home is to get into for a viewing.

Prepare For Feedback

Often realtors or potential buyers will voice feedback on a home for sale on why they’re not making an offer. Reasons can vary from bedroom size to the condition of the roof, but prepare your client that the feedback is coming and it can be very helpful. You’ll get direct insight into how potential buyers view the home, which may give your client the opportunity to make some small changes to better meet the needs of buyers.

Resident Realty works with each of our agents to ensure their understanding of the Austin real estate market translates into positive results for every client. Check out more about our team and let’s talk about any questions you have about joining one of Austin’s best team of Realtors.