In Austin, Real Estate Takes Center Stage

Austin Area

There’s a reason all eyes are on Austin lately. It’s fame as a destination for its unique culture and vibe has evolved as it transitions as a tech hub. This Texan gem is being discovered, and we get to be part of that history in the making.

In 2019, Austin was the fastest growing city in America

Whether it’s the fact that we have the highest growth of business in the country — 4% — or the increase in the number of tech companies — 5% — Austin’s flight to the top of the charts means that people are coming here for good jobs, and they need homes. Since 2002, we’ve been a part of this growth and we’ve learned a thing or two about working smoothly in this beautiful city.

Population *as of 2018

and counting!

It doesn’t take long to feel like home

People will always flock to meet with opportunity, and that means that everyday more and more people are making the move to our Austin. It’s always great to hear from someone who is fresh to this city that they found it to be beyond their expectations. The atmosphere in town is fueled by a great community that has always expressed a strong affiliation with authenticity, and it’s easy feel like you’re having an intimate experience with nature without having to go far. These are the people excited to find a great place to live in a place they can’t wait to call home.

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Todd might be the most knowledgeable Broker in Texas, and the fact that he's an attorney might have a little to do with that.

Talib JonesRealtor®

Anyone who has been in real estate long knows how different each transaction can be and navigating those waters with absolute certainty on your clients behalf is essential to your long term success. Know this, Todd takes your calls, he provides guidance as needed, and is eager to help you be the best, which is priceless.

Kelley TassoneRealtor®

I'm an investor and wanted to work on my properties and grow my business and Resident Realty has allowed me to do just that and more. Todd Sherman is fabulous to work with; hands on when you need him and an endless source of information.

Ximena AndersonRealtor®

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