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Work with Resident Realty and be comfortable that you will have direct access to your Broker when you need him most.

You keep 100% of your commission less only a small transaction fee on each sales transaction.  The number of transaction fees are capped annually for even greater savings for high producing agents and teams.

STOP giving your Broker your database  and your commission.  

We provide you the tools and support you need to grow your business and build your career.

No Start-Up Fees        No Franchise Fees        No E & O Fees


One Simple Plan


$50 per month

$400 transaction fee on sales (capped annually!)

90 /10 split on lease and referral commissions

Calculate and CompareSee how much you save with Resident Realty

Your average gross commission per sales transaction

Step 1

Number of sales per year

Gross Annual Commission

Step 2

Broker Split (% Paid to Broker)

Gross Annual Commission

Amount of your commission paid to Broker

Step 3

Number of sales transactions per year

Broker fees per transaction

Total transaction fees paid to Broker

Step 4

Monthly fees paid to your Broker

Step 5

Total Annual Monthly Fees

Total Commissions & Fees paid to Your Current Broker

Total Commissions & Fees paid to Resident Realty

Your annual savings as an agent with Resident Realty.

Full Service Brokerage with All The Perks & More
Included at No Additonal Cost

Individual and team Websites with CRM

Lead Generation opportunity through Neighborhood and Niche Landing Pages

Automated marketing for Listings including Just Listed, Price Reduced, Open House, and Just Sold campaigns

Discounts on Brian Buffini’s Peak Producer and The Pathway to Mastery Trainings

$1,000,000 E & O Policy with $5000 Deductible at no additional cost.

Direct Broker Access via email, text and phone

Professionally written monthly mailers to be used to mail to your database

Paperless File, Document Storage, Transaction Management System, and Interoffice Message Board

Simple to use Automated Commission Distribution Authorization

Freedom to use Personalized Branding


Discover The Resident Realty Difference

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I love working at Resident Realty! I’m an investor and wanted to work on my properties and grow my business and Resident Realty has allowed me to do just that and more. Todd Sherman is fabulous to work with; hands on when you need him and an endless source of information. I am so comfortable writing this because I’ve worked for other brokers in the past. Last year, I was lured to another company with a lower commission base and knew very shortly thereafter that I’d made a mistake. Todd welcomed me back and since then, Resident Realty restructured the commission base so it is very competitive. There is absolutely no reason to leave ever again, and I would highly recommend Resident Realty to seasoned agents and new agents alike.
Ximena AndersonREALTOR®
Ximena Anderson
I made that leap from a big name brokerage to Resident Realty in 2005, still a young agent but confident in the program and the technology/tools Resident Realty was offering. However, what I did not realize at the time was that the greatest value would be in the level of support and assistance Todd Sherman provides his agents. Anyone who has been in real estate long knows how different each transaction can be and navigating those waters with absolute certainty on your clients behalf is essential to your long term success. Know this, Todd takes your calls, he provides guidance as needed, and is eager to help you be the best, which is priceless. Twelve years have passed and I am proud to be a Resident Realty Agent. It is simply the best move I could have made. Thank you, Todd Sherman!
Kelley TassoneREALTOR®
Kelley Tassone
Resident Realty is a perfect mixture of value to the agent and support for the agent. All the tools you need to be successful are already in place. The commission structure is great, and Todd is readily available to answer any of your questions.
Steve NusinowREALTOR®
Steve Nusinow
I have worked with Todd Sherman and Resident Realty for a year and the experience has been great. What is most important to me as an agent is to have a broker who responds to questions and issues that come up from time to time. Todd always responds quickly. His business model is “transactional”, so he receives a set brokerage fee for any transaction I write, regardless of size. I really don’t know why an experienced agent would choose to pay a 20-30% to a Broker. Resident Realty saves me thousands a year in commissions. Resident Realty has all the tools an independent-minded agent could need, including training, database management and back end contract management. I am looking forward to another productive and profitable year.
Larry LandakerREALTOR
Larry Landaker
Todd might be the most knowledgeable Broker in Texas, and the fact that he’s an attorney might have a little to do with that. I’ve had my license since 2001 and have been with small brokers and one of the larger ‘we have it all’ brokers and with Todd I’m allowed to build my business successfully and independently, but I have the essential knowledge base of an experienced broker at the ready, on a moments notice. This all happens with hardly a noticeable financial contribution on my part – it’s nearly a dream come true. Meanwhile, his model offers a myriad of ideas and resources for continued growth.
Talib JonesREALTOR
Talib Jones


Todd Sherman began his career in real estate in 2002, with the simple goal of representing buyers and sellers to the best of his ability and with a passion, always putting his clients’ interests above his own. As a licensed attorney accustomed to representing clients through difficult legal challenges, Todd believed that his real estate clients should expect excellence of him and deserved nothing less. This mantra has served Todd well and the relationships that have developed through the years in real estate are truly a blessing to him and his family.

As the managing Broker for Resident Realty, Todd is looking to sponsor agents to this firm that share his belief that the clients’ interest always comes first. Just as Todd believe buyers and sellers should expect excellence from their Realtor, he believes Realtors should expect excellence from their sponsoring Broker. Todd strives to provide excellence to those that work with him and his commitment to all Resident Realty agents is an environment and commission structure that fosters success.

Todd Sherman


Discover The Resident Realty Difference

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