The reasons for staging a home are simple: downplay the weaknesses, highlight the best selling points, and allow the buyer to see themselves in the home. Making a home attractive through staging helps bring in your asking price (or more) in the shortest time possible. As a realtor, it’s your job to coach your client on how to present their home in the best way possible. Here’s how to stage your seller’s home for a quick sale!


Family photo collages and the autographed collection of Texas Rangers gear needs to go. The best staged homes allow the buyer to picture their own family living in the space – which can be hard to do with reminders of another family in each room.


Your seller may be used to the pile of shoes in the mudroom or stack of unopened mail on the kitchen counter, but house hunters should see maximum space. Piles of clutter or unorganized stuff gives the impression the home doesn’t have enough storage and is smaller than it actually is. Encourage your sellers to rent a small storage unit if needed or take inventory of their items and make a donation pile to create open space.

Deep Clean

A thorough cleaning of your seller’s home will help it stand out on the market. A few ways to create noticeable results include:

  • Pressure washing the outside of the home
  • Cleaning the outside and inside of windows
  • Cleaning carpets or having wood floors waxed
  • Scrubbing bathrooms (even the no-one-can-see-that-spot behind the toilet)
  • Remove pets from the home during showings and place any kennels or toys in a hidden space

Everything in the home may not be new, but a detailed cleaning will give buyers a great first impression.

Create Conversational Areas

Rearrange or remove furniture that makes the seller’s home feel cramped and makes the rooms feel smaller than they are. Arrange chairs and the sofa to face one another to create conversational areas rather than lining walls with furniture. Appropriately sized furniture will accent the space in the room while also giving buyers a realistic feel for what can fit.


If you know the lime green kitchen walls will affect a buyer’s response to the home, encourage your seller to invest in neutral colors for a faster sell. Even if the paint color is acceptable, scrapes from everyday life can leave the walls looking worn. A fresh coat of paint can make buyers feel like there’s less work to do before moving in.

  • Living room: Create an illusion of a bigger room with a light color. If the home is sectioned off with numerous rooms, opt for a uniform paint color throughout so the rooms flow seamlessly.
  • Bathroom: Soft white, light gray or cream will create a fresh, open feel in the bathroom.
  • Master bedroom: Appeal to all buyers with a neutral tone. Avoid the gender specific décor by using a taupe or gray shade.

Use Awkward Space

If your seller’s home has great square footage but the layout of the space is unusual, find creative ways to stage the areas to give them purpose. The nook under the stairs could be used as a work station, or add shelving to an unused area of the living room to offer more storage.